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Acting ethically


We ensure that high standards
of ethical behaviour are
embedded across the business
and form a part of our culture.


We believe that the only way to deliver the best
experience for our consumers and the best services
for our customers – and to do the right thing by our
– is to approach things in the right way.

Modern slavery and human rights

We are opposed to all forms of discrimination with
respect to employment and occupation, modern
slavery, human trafficking, forced or compulsory
labour and child labour, in our business and our
supply chain.

We are committed to supporting human rights through our compliance
with national laws and through our internal policies which adhere to
internationally recognised human rights principles. In line with our
commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive culture, our internal
policies require respect and equal and fair treatment of all persons we
come into contact with.

Modern Slavery Statement September 2023

We are committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all our
business dealings and relationships, and to implementing and
enforcing effective systems and controls to ensure modern
slavery is not taking place anywhere in our own business or in any
of our supply chains.

Operating ethically

We are committed to carrying out all business
activities in an honest, open and ethical manner. When
deciding which suppliers and partners we should work
with, we take a holistic view; alignment with our values
and culture is as important as commercial


We have a zero tolerance approach to bribery, corruption and other financial crime within our business and/or in any dealings with our customers, suppliers and other third parties who we deal with in the course of our business.

Supplier ESG engagement

We encourage our suppliers and partners to drive their own ESG efforts in line
with our principles. We want to engage suppliers that share our values and
collaborate with them to build a stronger, more responsible supply chain.
We have an established supplier engagement strategy and the information we
collect through our supplier engagement/onboarding process provides us with
greater insight into numerous aspects of our suppliers’ performance, including
ESG practices.


Payment practices reporting

As with all large businesses, we have published information about our supplier payment practices and performance.

35 days
to pay our supplier invoices on average

of invoices paid within the agreed terms

Our Ethical Procurement Policy ensures we pro-actively seek supplier
relationship with those who equally share our passion for contributing
to the community and environment within their own businesses and
their supply chains.

Ethical procurement policy

Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets out Auto Trader’s expectations of all its
suppliers to encourage a more responsible supply chain.



Supplier code of conduct

Tax transparency

Our approach to tax forms part of our broader purpose to Drive Change Together. Responsibly. With this in mind, the Group is committed to collecting and paying the correct amount of tax, at the right time and acting in a transparent and responsible manner.

Our detailed tax policy includes further transparency on
our approach to tax risk management and governance.

Group tax strategy

A living wage employer


All employees are paid in excess of the Real Living Wage, ensuring that all employees and contractors working in our offices receive at least the Living Wage. We are an accredited Living Wage Employer.


We safeguard our employees through a framework of policies and statements including Modern Slavery, Gender Pay, Flexible Working, Equal Opportunities and Inclusion Policies.


We encourage a culture of openness and will support
employees who report suspected wrongdoing so that
we can investigate or prevent the possible escalation
of misconduct.

We provide a whistleblowing helpline through an independent
organisation, which is anonymous and confidential. Reports are
directed to the Audit Committee Chair and the Company Secretary.
Find out more in our Whistleblowing Statement 2022.

Whistleblowing Statement 2022

Grievance reporting or escalation procedures

We aim to create a working environment in which all individuals enjoy coming to work, where they can perform at their best, and here they are free from discrimination or harassment.

We foster a culture of open and healthy conversations, mutual
appreciation and respect. We treat any behaviour that undermines
this aim as totally unacceptable and it will not be tolerated. We are
committed to a culture where staff can freely report any issue that
needs attention and access support via the escalation procedures
we have in place. Our grievance policy sets out both informal and
formal avenues for addressing concerns. 

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