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Our strategy
in action

Bringing together our three strategic priorities to deliver the best,
data-driven digital retailing experience for consumers and retailers, alike.

Our three strategic priorities
are enabling future-focused,
data-driven digital retailing

We strive to be the best place to find, buy and sell a
car in the UK — on a platform that enables data-driven
digital retailing for our customers. These three strategic
priorities sit alongside our commitment to always being
a responsible business.


Classified marketplace

Be the best place
to buy a car

In our core advertising marketplace, we successfully executed our annual price increase in April 2022, which included the launch of Retail Essentials, the first module of our Auto Trader Connect platform. 


Our customer numbers are at record levels, with continued low levels of cancellation in part due to the strength of our standing with customers. 


Penetration of our higher yielding packages increased, with 33% of retailer stock now above Standard as at March 2023 (March 2022: 31%). We also saw an increase in the uptake of our Market Extension product (allowing customers to sell vehicles outside their local area) and our Pay-Per-Click product which allows stock items to appear at the top of the search listings.


With the sale of new and used electric vehicles increasing, we continue to invest in our electric vehicle content to ensure we are the number one destination for car buyers interested in purchasing an EV. We continue to inform consumers about electric vehicles on our consumer-facing channels, including social media and raise the awareness through our EV giveaway which achieved over 3.5 million entries this year. 


average retailer forecourts advertising with Auto Trader
during 2023


Be the industry's data
& technology platform

As part of our annual pricing event in April 2022, we included our first Auto Trader Connect module – ‘Retail Essentials’. Retail Essentials gives customers access to our most fundamental and powerful data, including our taxonomy, which improves advert quality, and enables stock to be updated on Auto Trader in real time.

At the end of March 2023, we had integrations with over 90 third-party software providers with Auto Trader Connect.

For our April 2023 pricing event we have launched the second module of Auto Trader Connect – ‘Valuations’. This gives our customers access to our retail, part exchange and trade valuations to help inform retailers’ sourcing and pricing strategies with the most accurate view of the market.

We have also made good progress in continuing to build lender integrations, strengthening both the breadth and depth of our finance platform. We now have 19 lenders integrated, which we estimate represents 42% of retailers on our Retailer Finance product (based on first string lender). 

We saw an increase in the number of software releases on the Auto Trader platform to 51,000 (2022: 46,000).


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software partners integrated with our Auto Trader Connect platform

Digital retailing

Be the enabler for all
retailers to sell online

Building on both our platform and marketplace, we are bringing more of the car buying journey online.

Our approach to digital retailing is to be ‘car first’ and to enable any retailer (including manufacturers and leasing companies) to sell their cars online. With this goal in mind, we will initially offer two digital retailing consumer journeys: a used car Deal Builder journey on Auto Trader and a fully online retailing journey for new vehicles.

The future of automotive is already here

Find out more about how we're helping consumers and
retailers adapt to this quickly evolving landscape and
embrace the exciting changes on the horizon.



retailers on Deal Builder trial in 2023


new vehicle leases delivered in 2023


of retailer stock using Market Extension at the end of March 2023

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