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Auto Trader Group plc
1 Tony Wilson Place
M15 4FN

+44 (0) 345 111 0006

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Manchester office accessibility

  • 1 Tony Wilson Place is entered on one level.
  • The building entrance has one revolving door and two automatic doors for wheelchair
    access. For wheelchair access, please use the buzzer next to the left door and reception
    will open this door to allow access.
  • The manned reception desk is lowered on the right suitable for wheelchair users.
  • Security gate access includes one wider gate suitable for wheelchairs.
  • We have four lifts, and each can accommodate one wheelchair user at a time.
  • Each lift, with the exception of the end lift that’s all glass, will make a sound when it
    arrives at the ground floor. The lifts are compliant with tactile call buttons and an audible
    announcement of the level reached. Unfortunately, the third lift doesn’t have a ground
    floor button on the left side. Should you use this lift please use the buttons on the right.
  • Auto Trader’s office occupies the full 4th and 5th floors and half of the 6th floor.
  • Auto Trader’s visitor entrance is on the 4th floor – this is also known as Concierge.
  • Please use the buzzer outside the door on the 4th floor and our Concierge team will open
    the door. Our Concierge desk is manned 7.30am-5.30pm Monday to Friday.
  • The Concierge desk is lowered and accessible.
  • Automatic door access is available on the 5th floor.
  • We have accessible restrooms on the ground, 4th, 5th and 6th floors.


Auto Trader Group plc
1st floor, 14 Upper St Martins Lane

+44 (0) 345 111 0006

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London office accessibility

  • The building’s entrance is on the ground floor.

  • The entrance door is wide enough for wheelchair access.

  • The manned reception desk is lowered for wheelchair users.

  • The building has one lift and can accommodate one wheelchair user at a time.

  • The lift comes directly onto our 1st floor from ground floor reception.

  • Unfortunately, there is no audible sound when the lift arrives, so please let
    someone know if you need help if this will be an issue.

  • Auto Trader’s office occupies 1st floor of the building.  

  • Our Concierge desk is on the 1st floor and is manned between 8.30am and 5.00pm.

  • The Concierge desk is lowered to the welcome side for wheelchair use.

  • We have one accessible restroom on the 1st floor, this is through the door next
    to the kitchen.

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