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Our governance
& compliance


We are committed to always upholding the values of
good corporate governance and risk
considering the needs of all our stakeholders in our
strategic decision making. We comply with our legal and
regulatory obligations and behave ethically at all times. 


Maintaining a trusted marketplace
for our customers and consumers
to find, buy and sell a vehicle.






  • Fully adopt the NIST framework
  • Continue to comply with the requirements of both GDPR and FCA compliance
  • Integrate sustainability into all aspects and decision making processes of our business
  • Embed our ethical procurement policy within the business and adopt a socially responsible sourcing model
  • Report comprehensively in line with SASB and TCFD reporting frameworks



  • Ethical procurement questionnaires completed covering 75% of our supplier spend
  • Further evolved our TCFD reporting to include scenario analysis
  • Fully migrated our technology infrastructure to the cloud and will exit from our two main data centres by June 2023
  • Red team testing undertaken to ensure our processes for responding to a cyber incident are robust and fit for purpose
  • Comprehensive implementation plan in place to ensure compliance with the forthcoming FCA Consumer Duty
  • Began the process of integrating Autorama into the Group governance framework following acquisition

The Board recognises that safety, wellbeing,
environmental, social and ethical matters
form key elements of effective corporate
governance, which in turn support our strategy,
long-term performance and the sustainability
of our business.

We aspire to conduct ourselves with the highest standards of honesty
and integrity. To ensure that these standards are embedded across the
business and are part of our culture, we have compliance frameworks
in place, consisting of policies, processes, guidance and training
focused on a number of core compliance topics.

As an online marketplace, cyber security and protecting customer and
consumer data is a primary area of focus for Auto Trader. As we shift to
an accelerated adoption of digital retailing it is paramount that our
data security and infrastructure evolve with our business priorities.


Details of our Board governance framework and policies can be found
in the corporate governance section:


Corporate governance

Want to see how we govern our ESG strategy?



To ensure that high standards are embedded across the business and form part of our culture, we have compliance frameworks in place, consisting of policies, processes, guidance and training focused on a number of core compliance topics.
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Cyber security

Cyber security

Attempts to breach our systems pose a significant and perpetual threat. Having an effective cyber security risk and governance framework help to significantly reduce the impact of such events.
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Acting ethically

We ensure that high standards
of ethical behaviour are
embedded across the business
and form a part of our culture.

We believe that the only way to
deliver the best experience for our
consumers and the best services for
our customers – and to do the right
thing by our people – is to approach
things in the right way.

Data protection

Data protection

Data, including personal data, is at the heart of everything we do and for that reason we take the protection of it very seriously.
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A trusted marketplace

A trusted marketplace

As a leading online marketplace, we strive to provide a marketplace that is relevant, reliable and fair.
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Corporate governance


The key features of our governance framework and how
it complies with 2018’s UK Corporate Governance Code.



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