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Engaging with stakeholders

Maintaining a clear, consistent dialogue with our
stakeholders is key to fulfilling our purpose and
ensuring the long-term success of our business.

Robust Board decision
making, assessed against a
comprehensive stakeholder framework

By understanding our stakeholders, and by considering
their diverse needs, the Board factors into boardroom
discussions the potential impact of our decisions on each
stakeholder group; adhering to the following principles:

Considering the long-term
consequences of our decisions

Considering the interests
of our employees

The need to foster good relationships
with our stakeholders

Considering our impact on the
environment and our community

Maintaining high standards of conduct

Acting fairly between stakeholders

Balancing stakeholder needs to
make the best possible decisions

Our consumers

Maintaining a large and highly engaged
consumer audience of in-market car buyers,
who have high levels of trust and confidence
in Auto Trader, underpins the success of our
business model.


of all minutes spent on automotive classified sites were spent on Auto Trader in 2023


  • We speak to consumers for our Car Buyers
    Report, and biannual consumer brand
    trackers gauge their views on the car market.
  • We host consumer onsite surveys which
    provide constant feedback on our experience.
  • We regularly conduct consumer user testing of
    new products, services and website brand designs.
  • We hold workshops with people who are neurodiverse
    and potentially vulnerable consumers, which
    feeds into our consumer facing products
    (for example, their thoughts on how we display finance).
  • We operate our consumer complaints and customer
    security teams seven days a week.

Our customers

Our partnerships with almost 14,000 car
retailers, with manufacturers and other
customers (such as leasing companies),
means that we continue to have the
greatest choice of trusted vehicles for
consumers. The majority of our revenue
is generated from our customers.


average retailer forecourts advertising with Auto Trader in 2023


  • We host monthly retailer sentiment surveys,
    evaluating product improvements and value.
  • We hold forums with CEOs of big and mid-tier
    retailers, OEMs, car
    supermarkets and automotive
    finance companies to share latest data and insight.
  • We provide regular thought leadership and
    insight-driven reports, such as the Road to 2035 Report.
  • We organise industry insight events, retailer performance
    masterclasses, webinars and conferences to share
    latest views of the market and news.
  • We arrange Board customer visits and our Operational
    Leadership Team ('OLT') takes part in a business
    partnering programme.

Our people

Our people are fundamental to our continued
success. This requires us to attract new talent
and to nurture, motivate and inspire a highly
skilled workforce. We commit to ensuring that
we continue to build a diverse and inclusive
culture where everyone feels valued and
able to achieve their full potential.


of employees surveyed in 2023 are proud to work for Auto Trader


  • We have established internal networks that
    support and align with our diversity and
    inclusion strategy.
  • We maintain our Board Engagement Guild
    which engages directly with the Board
    (without management present) on matters
    such as the cost of living crisis.
  • We host biannual all-employee conferences,
    and regular CEO and OLT virtual business updates.
  • We conduct annual employee benefits roadshows
    and salary workshops.
  • We offer annual save as you earn share schemes.

Our partners
& suppliers

We rely on our suppliers and partners to
provide technology infrastructure, supply
of data about vehicles and their financing,
and in the fulfilment of some of our revenue
generating products. Building trusted
partnerships helps us to work better together
and continue to provide the highest quality
products and services.


of eligible stock on site uses AT Connect: Retail Essentials


  • We maintain regular engagement with
    suppliers and partners, including by a
    number of our OLT members.
  • We put in place procurement processes
    to onboard new suppliers into our business,
    as well as arranging regular check-ins for
    ongoing relationships.
  • We agree ways of working with new
    suppliers / partners, with feedback provided
    during ongoing projects.
  • We encourage an open dialogue to ensure
    we work collaboratively and share learnings.
  • We regularly monitor and review financial
    and operating resilience.

The community
& the environment

We aim to give back more to the planet than
we take out and protect our business from
the impact of climate change. We also strive
to create stronger communities and have a
positive social and environmental impact.

Net zero

by 2040 (our targets have been validated by the SBTi)


  • We enable our Corporate Responsibility Committee
    to hold the business to account on its cultural KPIs.
  • We empower employee networks to manage
    our charitable support including our Auto Trader
    Community Fund and our sustainability strategy.
  • We support organisations such as Manchester
    Digital and the Automotive 30% Club, and local
    schools and colleges through our STEM ambassadors.
  • We provide Carbon Literacy training for all employees
    and fund an automotive toolkit for industry use.
  • We put in place a Net Zero Working Group,
    responsible for leading our carbon reduction
    plans and reporting in line with the TCFD framework.

Our investors

Maintaining a continuous, transparent and trusted
dialogue with current and potential investors
promotes investor confidence and as a result
ensures continued access to capital, allowing us
to invest in the long term for the business.


returned to shareholders in 2023


  • We make open, honest and balanced
    communication available to all shareholders.
  • We provide regular corporate updates
    including via Annual Reports, AGMs, our
    corporate website, regulatory news
    announcements and press releases.
  • We maintain a comprehensive investor
    relations programme including results
    presentations, roadshows, investor days,
    attendance at conferences, meetings with
    institutional investors, fund managers
    and analysts.
    Feedback is regularly
    provided to the Board.
  • We ensure meetings which relate to governance
    are attended by the Chair or another
    Non-Executive Director.
  • We encourage private shareholders to communicate
    with the Board through

Understanding what matters most

An issue is material to us if it significantly
impacts our business and our strategic
priorities but also if it is viewed as being
important to our stakeholders.

In order to remain successful in the long term, an understanding of what ESG topics matter most to our key stakeholders is essential. Our materiality assessment helps to inform our ESG strategy and captures our impacts in a non-financial manner. The findings of our materiality assessment guide the focus areas of our ESG strategy.


To learn more about which material issues are important to our stakeholders, visit the ESG section via the link below:



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