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Our aim is to support consumers to make
more environmentally friendly vehicle
choices and to be the number one electric
vehicle destination in the UK.

We continue to increase the coverage and exposure we give electric vehicles (‘EVs’) across all our platforms, making it easier for car buyers to search for and find information on EVs.

Our goal is to ensure the electric vehicle transition is fair and equitable and, with this in mind, we conducted research on the gender gap in electric vehicles and found a significant difference between how men and women think about and consider electric vehicles.

We used this research to create the ‘No Driver Left Behind: Women and the journey to electric’ report which outlines reasons for the gender gap as well as potential solutions. The report was very well received, featuring on BBC Women’s Hour and with multiple Government departments and manufacturer partners requesting sessions on the topic.


Last year we launched an EV Hub on site and this year the focus has been on driving traffic to the hub, with multiple paid marketing activities being dedicated to this. From partnerships with the Guardian, the Evening Standard and Hearst Media titles such as Good Housekeeping and Cosmo to Spotify podcast and TikTok adverts, the goal has been to expand our reach and engage new audiences on the topic of electric vehicles.

Evolving our dedicated EV hub


The dedicated EV hub on our marketplace makes it easy for consumers to access articles, reviews, advice and videos on
electric vehicles. We also present the facts regarding cost of ownership ensuring they have all the info they need to make the correct purchase decision, for them. Cutting through the jargon,
we cover all of the pertinent topics, including:


  • Charging at home

  • Charging on the go

  • Range

  • Understanding the jargon

  • Battery life


Helping consumers make more environmentally friendly vehicle choices

Leveraging the popularity of podcasts

We've launched our first ever consumer facing podcast, Show on the Road. The brand-new celebrity packed series marks another significant investment in creating greater brand engagement among consumers, and to drive even more car buyers to our retailer partners’ stock.


The eight-part series, hosted by celebrated motoring journalist and Auto Trader presenter, Alex Legouix, takes celebrities out of the studio for a personalised road trip around the places that shaped them, from their old school to their favourite chip shop. 



Show on the Road podcast

Refreshed marketing campaigns
EVs have been a key marketing focus in the year, with new partnerships formed and campaigns launched. The EV monthly giveaway continued and achieved over 3.5 million entries, and we achieved a Guinness World Record which saw the team host the largest online quiz to promote EVs. We developed ‘Electric Sceptics’, our first original social content series with full marketing mix support, and signed a three-year partnership with Green.TV Media to build association with EVs, both with consumers through their World EV Day and EV Live events and with the industry at the EV Summit.


Initiatives such as these help ensure we continue to stay the most relevant marketplace for consumers looking to buy and sell their vehicles, be that electric
or not.

No driver left 


To progress our work to ensure No Driver is Left Behind
in the electric transition, we’ve executed multiple campaigns
in the consumer lifestyle space. By launching multiple media
partnerships with titles including the Guardian, Cosmopolitan
and Good Housekeeping, we surfaced Auto Trader’s electric
content to new audiences, specifically in the lifestyle and
women’s press. By establishing relationships in these sectors,
we have also increased the volume of PR coverage in women’s
lifestyle titles, a key goal of our electric communications strategy.


We also launched new podcast adverts that directed listeners
to Auto Trader’s EV Hub; these adverts appeared on Parenting
Hell and The Receipts, bringing electric vehicles into the
conversation in a lifestyle environment.

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