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Auto Trader launched Courageous Conversations with the Automotive 30% Club

Auto Trader partners with the Automotive 30% Club to explore why gender diversity is critical for automotive in new webinar series 'Courageous Conversations' - episode one features Marshall Motor Group's CEO Daksh Gupta

As part of its commitment to help drive greater diversity in the automotive industry, Auto Trader has launched a new series of webinars in partnership with the Automotive 30% Club. The new series, Courageous Conversations, is designed to provide a forum to share ideas and hear guidance on achieving greater diverse gender balance across the industry.

Open to all, each bi-monthly episode will feature a panel of automotive thought leaders and experts who’ll be joining host, Rebecca Clark, Auto Trader’s Sales Director, to discuss their journey in creating a more positive culture for all women within their business, as well as exploring some of the big issues relating to gender diversity.

Episode one, which will launch at 10:00 am on 4th August, includes Marshall Motor Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Daksh Gupta, and Franchise Director, Carole Merry, as well as Auto Trader’s Chief Operating Officer, Catherine Faiers, and Senior Campaign Manager, Rebecca Nassiri. Along with the Automotive 30% Club’s founder, Julia Muir, they’ll be discussing intersectionality of women in automotive and why greater diversity of women in the industry will be vital to its future success. There will also be time dedicated for an interactive Q&A, where viewers can pose questions live to the panel.

Catherine Faiers and Daksh Gupta are among five Patrons of the Automotive 30% Club (including Kristian Elvefors of Volvo Car UK, Dr Astrid Fontaine of Bentley Motors, and Stuart Miles of CDK Global), and will help Julia Muir to steer the activities of the Club via an advisory panel. Courageous Conversations is part of Auto Trader’s commitment as a Patron.

Commenting on the new series, Catherine Faiers, Auto Trader’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “Gender diversity, and diversity and inclusion more broadly, is something that we care passionately about at Auto Trader. At such a challenging time we believe the need to attract and retain the very best talent who not only bring fresh thinking and creativity to our businesses, but also represent the communities we serve, has never been more important. It’s our hope that this collaborative series offers inspiration and provides practical tips that can be implemented across other businesses.”  

Julia Muir, founder of the Automotive 30% Club, said:Business teams with a balance of diverse women and men make better decisions than homogenous teams, leading to superior financial performance. This is due to their different but complementary insight, perspectives and propensity for risk.  The rise in female purchasing power means businesses with a better understanding of this customer will provide products and services with a broader appeal and so reap the returns in an economically challenging environment. We also know that the skills needed so urgently, such as critical thinking, judgement, and the ability to adapt quickly and pivot to new business models in a crisis are found to a greater extent in inclusive teams.

Now more than ever it's essential to tap into the potential profits that your company might be missing out on, and act to build a winning diverse gender balanced business. I am looking forward to joining these Courageous Conversations to encourage, inform and give practical tips to those who know they must act now, and want to know how."

Daksh Gupta, Chief Executive Officer of Marshall Motor Holdings plc said:

“At Marshall we have been actively working on diversity and inclusion for five or six years now and are really starting to see many positive results coming through. Whilst we continue to learn and still have more we can do I feel we have momentum in our business and I am proud to say that 25% of our Plc and Operating Board are women.


“However, it’s not just about gender diversity for me, it’s also about intersectionality which is something personally close to my heart coming from an ethnic minority background. I ask myself why am I the only person from an ethnic minority running a large dealer group? In fact, I am the only one in the top 50 largest groups, that cannot be right nor can it be right there is only one woman either. We need to do more to address this, not just because it’s the right thing to do, it’s common sense for our business too. This an amazing industry and one I know everyone involved in is really proud to be a part of. It’s our jobs as leaders of the industry to pave the way for the future which is why I am involved in programs such as this.”

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The Automotive 30% Club was founded in 2016 by Julia Muir, CEO of Gaia Innovation, and is a network of over 40 Presidents, CEOs and MDs from across the UK automotive sector. The club members have the shared aim of achieving at least 30% of key roles filled by diverse women by 2030.

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