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06 March 23 Company news

Top women in EV


As part of Auto Trader’s 3-year partnership with Green.TV Media, we are headline partners of “Top Women in EV”, presented by the EV Summit, in March.

In the lead up to the celebrations, which run for multiple days in March, including International Women’s Day on Wednesday 8th, Erin Baker, Editorial Director at Auto Trader, Laura McNally, Co-Marketing Director and Laura Harvey, Director of Communications and PR, have been celebrated as Top Women in the emobility space and their work supporting the Top Women in EV initiative. Erin Baker will also act as a judge for the awards.

Alongside this, we are delighted to announce that Rachel Phoenix, Product Designer at Auto Trader has been recognised as a finalist in the Innovation category for her work on simplifying the way charging information is displayed on Auto Trader full page adverts.

When Erin Baker isn’t Editorial Director at Auto Trader, she holds various other roles including independent Motoring Journalist, Car of the Year judge, car contributor for Vogue, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair and content marketing consultant for the Goodwood Estate. For her work with Electric Vehicles in the last year, Erin has also been recognised as a Top Women in EV in these awards.

Ahead of the annual celebration, Laura Harvey, Laura McNally and Erin Baker shared their thoughts on working in emobility, below you can find some snippets of their interviews.

Why do you love working in emobility?

Laura McNally: I love the futurism of it all - in a world where so much is so predictable, not knowing where emobility will go or end up really excites me. All number of wheels, no wheels, autonomous, flying - and wondering which of those vehicle categories will end up on Auto Trader too of course!

Erin Baker: E-mobility (and for me, that really means electric cars), excites me hugely because this is the biggest revolution in the way we travel since cars replaced the horse and cart. It requires us to think differently about how cars and people interact, and therefore requires different content to be created that tells different stories.

Laura Harvey: Cars are such a huge part of people’s lives; we need them to get to work, to take the kids to school, to do our shopping etc and as we transition towards electric cars there’s so much we need to do to get ready for the huge transition.

But it’s going to take everyone to work together to deliver a seamless transition – from the car makers to energy companies, to the government to retailers, and from charging companies to consumer platforms like ours. Working in communications, that’s all very exciting as we have a big job to do to communicate to all players where we are on that journey and crucially what we all need to do to get there.


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